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Having a well-drafted contract is very important in real estate transactions. When property prices are rising, some sellers might try to cancel their contract if they receive a higher offer than yours. If you are facing a real estate litigation matter such as a contract dispute, you may be able to file a lawsuit asking the court to force the seller to sell the property to you.

If your contract is well-drafted and the seller refuses to sell the property to you for a legitimate reason, you may be able to file an action against the seller for specific performance and record a lis pendens against the property, which will prevent the seller from selling the property to another buyer. Conversely, if a buyer refuses to honor his obligations under a purchase agreement, the seller may file a suit against the buyer, forcing him to buy the property.

Plaintiffs must establish the following elements to bring a lawsuit for specific performance:

  • An enforceable contract exists between the parties
  • Adequate payment
  • The plaintiff performed their part under the contract or has a valid excuse for nonperformance
  • The defendant breached the contract
  • Proof that damages or another remedy at law are insufficient

FAQ: Lis Pendens

Question #1: What is a lis pendens?

A: The phrase “lis pendens” is Latin for a pending suit. A lis pendens is a legal notice that warns prospective interest holders in real property that the real property is involved in legal action. This means the claimant must file a lawsuit before recording the lis pendens with the office of the county recorder.

Question #2: Why should a person record a lis pendens?

A: While recording the lis pendens doesn’t legally prevent a buyer from purchasing the property, the buyer risks losing the property to the claimant if the claimant ends up winning in litigation and is legally entitled to the property.

Question #3: Who can record a lis pendens?

A: Parties connected to a lawsuit asserting a real property claim can record a lis pendens. Under Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 405.4, a real property claim is defined as a pleading which, if meritorious, affects title to, or the right to possession of, specific real property or the use of an easement.

Question #4: Can I record a lis pendens against a seller who refuses to close escrow?

A: You can record a lis pendens if you pursue a legal claim against the seller for specific performance of the contract. If the buyer is only interested in recovering their deposit or money damages, then a lis pendens should not be recorded.

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