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A dispute between and among co-owners of real property often lead to lengthy and expensive litigation cases, especially when you have different ideas for developing or operating the property. Our Los Angeles real estate attorneys attorneys understand how frustrating these cases can be, and we know that it takes a creative solution to solve a unique problem. We get the job done by taking time to understand our client’s case inside and out and exploring the most optimal solutions.

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What Is a Partition of a Property?

One of the options that may be available for co-owners’ disputes including a real property is partition. Partition is the procedure for separating and dividing the partners’ interest in a property and to the extent possible, each ending up with a portion of the property. This can be accomplished by a voluntary agreement between the partners, or by a court order.

Voluntary Partition. The parties may enter into a voluntary agreement to partition their property. For example, if it is feasible, the parties can divide up the property and each co-owner take and become the owner of a portion of the property and have no co-ownership with the other co-owner. The parties may also enter into a “buy-sell” agreement where the parties will agree to a process that each co-owner to buy the other co-owner’s interest in the property. It is vital that the agreement between co-owners must be complete, clear, specific and comprehendible.

Our seasoned lawyers will first explore reaching a fair resolution with a co-owner of the property. If a fair resolution is not possible, we will implement an aggressive and creative litigation against the co-owner and will prosecute your legal right until obtaining a partition judgment from court.

Court Ordered Partition. Any co-owner of a property, unless agreed in writing not to, may file an action for partition with the court. If the court determines that partition is a suitable remedy, a co-owned property may be partitioned and any sales proceeds will be paid to a co-owner or will be divided between the co-owners.

Why Does It Matter If My Case Goes to Court?

It might seem more straightforward to let the court handle your partition dispute, but getting a partition action by court order is more trouble than you might expect. In order to get a jurisdictional partition, you will need an accomplished lawyer to handle your case and make sure you accomplish your goal to the extent possible.

The court will need to review the titles, deeds, and interests associated with the property, which often takes time and also will require expertise in understanding the law.

Regardless of whether your case goes to court or not, you must get legal counsel from a qualified attorney.

Strategic Solutions to Your Partition Dispute

Partition disputes can quickly become complicated and expensive, which is why you need a strategic solution. At Azadegan Law Group, APC, we offer more than one-size-fits-all legal counsel. We are a strategic law firm that understands the importance of resolving your dispute efficiently. We evaluate the scope of your case, your goals, and the complexity of the case to determine the best possible strategy to yield favorable results.

Our Los Angeles partition dispute attorneys have obtained multi-million dollar settlements for our clients, and we can help you pursue the resolution you deserve. Contact Azadegan Law Group, APC today.


Our Unique Method
  • Trial Strategies

    We live with our client’s case. We listen, we think, we believe, we strategize creatively, we prepare, and we try. We develop a very close relationship with our clients and with our cases. We make sure that the jury will be able to see and feel our real and deep emotional connection with our cases and our commitment to our client. Our goal in a trial is not to “tell” our client’s story to the jury, rather, it is to “show” the jury the truth.

  • Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials

    When warranted, we use focus groups and conduct mock jury trials so we can better evaluate the emotional connection between the facts of the case and the jury. By doing so, we refine our strategy to be able to present a more powerful case to the jury.

  • Litigation

    We are a litigation firm first and foremost, ready to deal with any substantive or procedural legal challenge at every turn. We are equipped with state-of-the-art research and communication technologies that enable us to research every legal issue thoroughly and make ourselves readily available to our clients. In order to resolve each case as quickly and favorably as possible for each client, we litigate aggressively, while always tailoring our strategy to each client’s needs and goals. We explore every procedural angle and make every necessary motion to win the case or expedite the most favorable settlement possible.

  • Discovering the Story

    Everything in life has a story. The “truth,” without a well thought out story, is not believed nor is it effective. We believe that understanding and feeling the core of the client’s story is the key to understanding the “truth” and formulating a powerful story to present to the jury. So, we spend tens of hours listening to the client’s story, and in many cases we use re-enactment techniques to be able to “see” the story. We explore the feelings, motivations and pressures behind every party in every case. That enables us to acquire a deeper understanding of our cases.

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