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Unless you stop your neighbor from using any part of your property now, your neighbor may acquire an easement over your property FOREVER. If your neighbor uses your property for 5 years or more, then under certain circumstances, your neighbor may acquire the right and interest in using your property, even if your neighbor has never paid taxes on the property.

What Is An Easement?

An easement is the right to use another person's land without actually owning the property. One example of an easement would be allowing the use of a road or pathway on a neighbor’s property to get to and from the person’s home. Often, easements are created so that power, gas, phone lines, and water and sewage pipes can be constructed and installed on private property.

  • Express Easement: This type of easement is one in which a landowner agrees to let another person use some or all of their property. The state of California has a law known as the statute of frauds that requires that express easement be made in writing.
  • Implied Easement: Implied easements are not based on written agreements. This type of easement is based on prior use.
  • Easement by Necessity: This type of easement is necessary if there is no possible way to access a parcel of land without crossing another parcel of land. The history of the two parcels of land must also suggest there was an intent to provide an easement.
  • Prescriptive Easement: This type of easement is created when a person uses another’s land without the landowner’s consent, but the landowner should have been reasonably aware that the person was using the land. The person seeking a prescriptive easement must use the property in the same manner for a continuous period of at least five years.

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