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At Azadegan Law Group, APC, we understand that business owners rely on the compensation for their goods and services to run successful operations. Unfortunately, clients, customers, and vendors don’t always pay their debts. When this occurs, legal action is usually necessary to recover payment for goods and services that have already been provided or fulfilled.

In every dispute, a well thought out strategy may force a speedier and more economical settlement. Our skilled litigation attorneys at Azadegan Law Group, APC have many strategic options at our disposal to help the clients we serve collect funds they are owed.

Writ of Attachment

In many cases, the simplest and fastest way to resolve a conflict over money owed is with a simple judicial proceeding called the writ of attachment. In a fast proceeding, based on your written agreements, our attorneys will help you get a court order that entitles you to have the Sheriff take or remove the defendant’s assets, including income and inventory. Many times, this remedy will force the opposition into a quick resolution of the dispute.

While not every case is right for an attachment, disputes over clear monetary amounts owed that are more than $500 are usually ripe for that option. A consultation with our experienced business litigator will help you find out, but regardless, you can be sure that your case will either settle rapidly or our lawyers will litigate the matter aggressively to its conclusion.

We have successfully obtained writs of attachments in many collection actions, including:

  • $1.7 Million against a borrower
  • $550,000 against a buyer of clothing accessories
  • $500,000 against another borrower

Determining the Value of a Debt

Figuring out how much you are actually owed for an outstanding debt requires much more than looking up the amount on the unpaid invoice. Business owners also need to consider the expense of collecting on a debt, which is why it is wise to consult with an experienced debt collection litigation attorney.

A seasoned lawyer can assess the debtor’s cash flow and assets to determine which debts should be pursued first. A lawyer can also file a debt collection lawsuit on your behalf if they find assets to attach or if they believe the debtor has liquid resources that can be used to pay the debt.

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Debt Collection Litigation

If you can’t reach a settlement with a debtor, then the next step will be litigation. Debt collection cases are complicated matters in which procedural oversight can mean the failure of a claim. Even if you receive a judgment against a debtor, it does not necessarily guarantee you will receive payment.

A judgment in these cases is just a legal declaration acknowledging that the debtor owes you money. Although a judgment opens up a path for collection, like wage garnishment or seizure of assets, these remedies do not occur automatically. You will need assistance from a skilled debt collection lawyer who knows which collection litigation procedures will facilitate a smooth collection.


Our Unique Method
  • Trial Strategies

    We live with our client’s case. We listen, we think, we believe, we strategize creatively, we prepare, and we try. We develop a very close relationship with our clients and with our cases. We make sure that the jury will be able to see and feel our real and deep emotional connection with our cases and our commitment to our client. Our goal in a trial is not to “tell” our client’s story to the jury, rather, it is to “show” the jury the truth.

  • Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials

    When warranted, we use focus groups and conduct mock jury trials so we can better evaluate the emotional connection between the facts of the case and the jury. By doing so, we refine our strategy to be able to present a more powerful case to the jury.

  • Litigation

    We are a litigation firm first and foremost, ready to deal with any substantive or procedural legal challenge at every turn. We are equipped with state-of-the-art research and communication technologies that enable us to research every legal issue thoroughly and make ourselves readily available to our clients. In order to resolve each case as quickly and favorably as possible for each client, we litigate aggressively, while always tailoring our strategy to each client’s needs and goals. We explore every procedural angle and make every necessary motion to win the case or expedite the most favorable settlement possible.

  • Discovering the Story

    Everything in life has a story. The “truth,” without a well thought out story, is not believed nor is it effective. We believe that understanding and feeling the core of the client’s story is the key to understanding the “truth” and formulating a powerful story to present to the jury. So, we spend tens of hours listening to the client’s story, and in many cases we use re-enactment techniques to be able to “see” the story. We explore the feelings, motivations and pressures behind every party in every case. That enables us to acquire a deeper understanding of our cases.

FOCUSED ON THE WINNING STRATEGY "When we represent a client, we dedicate ourselves to their success."

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