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There is, unfortunately, no such thing as the "perfect" contract, the one that will guarantee performance, that circumstances won't change, and that both parties will remain satisfied with their part in its terms. That is why business disputes often arise out of some kind of contract dispute or a breach of contract.

At Azadegan Law Group, APC, we understand that no matter how hard you may have tried to cover everything in your business contracts, things can still go wrong. When some facet of a contract is in dispute, negotiation may be enough to handle the problem, but if it is not, litigation may be necessary.

Our dedicated and talented business experts and seasoned litigators have experience winning exceptional results in contract dispute negotiation and litigation on behalf of clients throughout Los Angeles. As a successful business owner himself, Ramin Azadegan has negotiated many contracts and, as a business law expert, won many contract disputes for clients, saving them millions of dollars.

What Is Considered a Contract Dispute?

When two parties enter into an agreement, any disputes relating to (i) the meaning or interpretation of its terms, (ii) failure to pay for goods, property or services as described in the contract, (iii) the performance or non-performance by each party in a timely manner, (iv) breaking or ignoring the terms and failing to do what the contract requires him/her to do, will rise to a contract dispute and if it is not resolved by the parties, the court has to make a final judgment. Sometimes, the breach is so major that the other party may be entitled to undo and rescind the contract. An innocent mistake in failing to act in the manner agreed in the contract may not be a defense to a claim for breach of contract.

Examples of breach of contract include:

  • Failure to perform services within the agreed-upon timeframe
  • Failure to perform services as described in the contract
  • Failure to pay the amount agreed upon
  • Interfering with one party’s ability to fulfill the terms of the contract

There are 2 types of contract breaches:

  • Written and oral: A contract is an agreement between two parties and to be enforceable there must be an exchange of two promises and/or something of value. California law recognizes oral contracts between two parties and not every contract is required to be in writing. Only limited contract must be writing, such as an agreement to guaranty a loan, buy or sell a real property, enter into a lease of longer than one year and even sometimes a contract to purchase and sell goods. The writing requirements of these contracts can sometimes be satisfied even if portions of the contract are written down on a piece of paper.

If someone has broken an enforceable contract, you may demand your damages you have suffered and sometimes even forcing the other side to do what he had promised you to do.

Common Types of Contract Disputes

Disputes can arise quite frequently during business transactions even when there are contracts in place. Parties can disagree on on the terms after signing the contract or feel that the other party did not hold up their end of the agreement.

Contracts are commonly disputed over the following:

  • Mistakes and errors in the terms of the contract
  • Fraud or coercion
  • Disagreements about the meaning or definition of technical terms
  • Partnership disagreements
  • Accusations of deceptive practices
  • Performance issues or impossibility of performance
  • Issues drafting and reviewing the contract

Whether you are facing a breach for a business contract, employment law matter, real estate contract, or another type of commercial matter, discuss your concerns with experienced attorneys who are ready and capable of litigating your case. Our team at Azadegan Law Group, APC can be a strong advocate for your best interests.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover in a Contract Breach Case?

In a contract dispute case, there are several remedies that may be awarded depending on the specifics of your case.

Some of the remedies for a breach of contract include:

  • Compensatory damages to cover the economic loss from the contract breach
  • Specific performance that requires the breaching party to fulfill his or her obligations under the contract
  • Liquidated damages that were specified in the contract
  • Punitive damages, if the breaching party's acts were egregious

The type of remedy and the amount are calculated based on the type of loss and the breach that occurred. An experienced contract breach attorney can guide you through the specifics of your case and what you can expect.

Contract Disputes Can Be Complicated

There are certain provisions and terms are required for a the contract to be enforceable. Those terms and provisions many times although seem to be simple, can be very complicated and understanding them would require deep understanding of the law and the business. At Azadegan Law Group, APC, we have vast understand of the law and business and we can better help you to understand your rights and obligations under the contract. We are only one call away. Let us listen to you, look at your contract and evaluate your rights and guide you in the jungle of legal jumbo mumbo.

To schedule a case consultation with Azadegan Law Group, APC, please give us a call today at (310) 340-1550 or contact us online.

Our Legal Team Is Focused on Winning Strategies

At Azadegan Law Group, APC, we proudly take on a wide range of business litigation cases, and we are prepared to put our extensive resources to work to help resolve your contract dispute. Our team of top-notch litigators will vigorously protect your rights and fight for the justice you deserve both in and out of the courtroom.

Whether the contract dispute is over project delays or insufficient funding, we will guide you through each phase of the legal process to ensure we provide efficient representation. The amount of time to pursue litigation in a contract dispute is limited by law in every state, and it is important to move quickly to protect your rights before time runs out.


Our Unique Method
  • Trial Strategies

    We live with our client’s case. We listen, we think, we believe, we strategize creatively, we prepare, and we try. We develop a very close relationship with our clients and with our cases. We make sure that the jury will be able to see and feel our real and deep emotional connection with our cases and our commitment to our client. Our goal in a trial is not to “tell” our client’s story to the jury, rather, it is to “show” the jury the truth.

  • Focus Groups and Mock Jury Trials

    When warranted, we use focus groups and conduct mock jury trials so we can better evaluate the emotional connection between the facts of the case and the jury. By doing so, we refine our strategy to be able to present a more powerful case to the jury.

  • Litigation

    We are a litigation firm first and foremost, ready to deal with any substantive or procedural legal challenge at every turn. We are equipped with state-of-the-art research and communication technologies that enable us to research every legal issue thoroughly and make ourselves readily available to our clients. In order to resolve each case as quickly and favorably as possible for each client, we litigate aggressively, while always tailoring our strategy to each client’s needs and goals. We explore every procedural angle and make every necessary motion to win the case or expedite the most favorable settlement possible.

  • Discovering the Story

    Everything in life has a story. The “truth,” without a well thought out story, is not believed nor is it effective. We believe that understanding and feeling the core of the client’s story is the key to understanding the “truth” and formulating a powerful story to present to the jury. So, we spend tens of hours listening to the client’s story, and in many cases we use re-enactment techniques to be able to “see” the story. We explore the feelings, motivations and pressures behind every party in every case. That enables us to acquire a deeper understanding of our cases.

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