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How to Solve Partnership Disputes

There are instances in which a dispute between business partners is unavoidable. These disputes have the potential to completely disrupt business operations, making the need to diffuse them crucial. Our Los Angeles business litigation team outlines the common causes for partnership disputes and what we can do to help you solve them.

Causes for Disputes

There are several reasons why business partners may disagree. They can range from personal objectives for the business to conspiracy or even embezzlement. Here are some of the top catalysts for partnership disputes:

  • A lack of proper accounting
  • A lack of proper partnership agreements
  • Differences in management style
  • Discourse over profits
  • A decline in revenue
  • Dissolution (the formal closure of a business)
  • One partner discloses trade secrets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty (when a principal fails to act responsibly in the interests of a client)
  • Shareholder agreements

We have extensive knowledge and experience in representing shareholders, directors, members, and other parties in disputes with other officers or owners. Our primary objective is to isolate these disputes as quickly as possible and resolve them before the damages become irreversible.

How Azadegan Law Group Can Help

We are a client-centric firm dedicated to guiding you through complex legal processes as efficiently as possible. Partnership disputes can become highly expensive and strenuous when strategized improperly. Our initial goal is always to immediately collect and analyze any facts and evidence pertaining to the case. These pieces of evidence allow us to ascertain a way forward and formulate the best course of action and strategy.

With ample experience and a track record of success, we are ready and willing to represent you if you find yourself in the middle of a partnership dispute. Contact us today through our website or give us a call at (310) 340-1550 to schedule a consultation today.