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Real Estate Litigation: Specific Performance

If you have a contract to buy real property and seller then refuses to sell, you may have the right to enforce the sale.

Specific Performance/Lis Pendens

Having a well-drafted contract is very important in real estate transactions.  If your contract is well drafted and the seller refuses to sell the property to you for a legitimate reason, you may be able to file an action against seller for specific performance and record a lis pendens against the property, preventing seller from selling the property to another buyer.

When property prices are rising, some sellers may try to cancel their contract if they receive a higher offer than yours.  If that ever happens, you may be able to file a lawsuit asking the court to force seller to sell the property to you.  You may also be able to record a lis pendens thereby preventing the property’s sale to a third party. 

Conversely, if a buyer refuses to honor his obligations under a purchase agreement, the seller may file a suit against the buyer, forcing him to buy the property.

We have handled countless specific performance actions, successfully forcing buyers or sellers to perform under the terms of their contract.

If you have any questions about your rights under a purchase or sale of real estate contract, call us.

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