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Real Estate Litigation: Secured Transaction

Secured transactions in California are very complicated and unless you know your rights, you may easily lose your assets based on your misunderstanding or ignorance of the law.

Secured Transaction/Foreclosure

California has an anti-deficiency law. It means that if your property is foreclosed upon, in many cases the lender cannot sue you for a deficiency judgment. However, this general rule is subject to many exceptions.

For example, if a person other than the borrower guarantees the loan, that person may be subject to a deficiency judgment. Likewise, a borrower may be subject to deficiency judgment if the lender files an action for judicial foreclosure, instead of foreclosing the property non-judicially. 

Let us analyze your loan documents and advise you on the effect of any default claim being made against you.  Likewise, if you are sued by a lender or your property is in foreclosure, we will fight vigorously for your rights.

We were able to negotiate a very favorable short sale after a major bank had commenced foreclosure, saving our client millions of dollars.  We also have been successful in extinguishing a personal guarantee, saving our client over $7.4 Million. 

If you have any questions about your rights under loan documents or are faced with a foreclosure, call us so we can evaluate your chances and risks.

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