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Real Estate Litigation: Neighbor Disputes

In many cases, neighbor disputes are fueled by strong and sometimes irrational emotions.  Unless they are contained in the beginning, it can result in an out-of-control litigation.

Neighbor Disputes

You buy your house to live peacefully with your family.  However, a dispute with your neighbor can disturb the enjoyment of your property and your peace of mind. Often it results in a loss of property and/or hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs.

Although there are many issues that neighbors may fight over (such as trespass, view rights, noise, odor and light), most disputes arise relating to boundary disagreements and easement issues. 

You must be very careful in dealing with your neighbors. Your ignorance of the law or your rights may result in your loss of property or the right to use and enjoy your home. If you have disagreements with your neighbor over your property interests, please call us. We can help you to resolve them quickly.

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