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Real Estate Litigation: Construction Disputes

Many things can wrong on any construction project and can cost time, money and resources that you can't afford and don't want to waste. Handling these disputes can be complicated and contain many pitfalls that could cost you money and the right to pursue a claim to protect your rights.

Construction Disputes

At the Azadegan Law Group, we have experience handling many kinds of problems and difficulties that can arise in a construction project.

  • Defective construction issues
  • Contractor issues
  • Contractor's debt collection
  • Mechanic's liens/foreclosure
  • and more

A successful former businessman and real estate developer himself, Ramin Azadegan has experience dealing with construction projects and the many and varied problems and issues that can come up. He and his group of experienced lawyers have saved their clients millions of dollars in a variety of business, real estate and development matters.

We'll take the time to really understand your situation and what you need and then move as quickly as possible to do what needs to be done to work to make it happen. Our clients and their businesses matter to us and we want to see them thriving and successful.

No matter how carefully you plan, how well you've prepared, things can still go wrong. If they do, you need knowledgeable, experienced help to handle it. You can find that help at the Azadegan Law Group.

The law in every state puts time limits on pursuing claims that may arise in construction disputes. Contact us now to protect your rights and find out what we can do to help you.

Contact our office at (310) 271-4800 to schedule an appointment and find out what we can do to help you.

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