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Real Estate Litigation: Protecting Your Assets

Disputes and legal problems regarding real estate can be extremely costly, in terms of lost income from rental properties, property sales or purchases that are stopped or frozen for some reason, investment tied up in developments that can't go forward, not to mention the aggravation of trying to handle the problem and move forward.

Real property laws in California are very complex and the larger the transaction, the greater the complexities, and more creativity is required to resolve the issues: either through negotiation, or through aggressive litigation.

At the Azadegan Law Group, we have a deep understanding of real estate law. As a successful, former real estate developer himself, Ramin Azadegan has first-hand experience in dealing with every aspect of real estate issues.

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in protecting interests in the areas of real estate partnership disputes, secured real estate disputes, including anti-deficiency and one-action law, specific performance actions, neighbors' dispute, easement disputes and adverse possession.

Mr. Azadegan obtained a judgment of $8.5 million* in favor of a real estate investor client, while defeating a $5.5 million cross-complaint, for a net gain to the client of $14 million. In another victory, an out of the box strategic maneuver enabled him to extinguish a massive personal guaranty in the sum of $7.4 million which another investor had signed in favor of a real estate lender.

"Ramin Azadegan finds real solutions to complex legal issues, every time. His mind keeps me coming back to this firm." - P. E. (Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur)*

Depending on the issue you may need help with, the law may put a time limit on your opportunity to pursue a claim or protect your rights. Don't lose that opportunity, call us today at (310) 271-4800 to find out what we can do to help you.

* This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

** Reversed based on new law.

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