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Catastrophic Injuries: Wrongful Death

A "wrongful death" is the death of a person through the negligent act or other bad act of another. A wrongful death deprives the family members of the deceased of their companionship, their future income, care and assistance and the services they would have provided throughout their life.

Wrongful Death

Victims of wrongful death may leave behind spouses, children, parents who will now not have their loved one to rely on and will have to face life without them. Facing the prospect of pursuing an important legal matter in addition to mourning can seem too much to bear, but waiting can cost you your chance to protect your rights. The law provides only a limited amount of time to bring wrongful death claims and, over time, witnesses' memories fade and evidence may be lost.

At the Azadegan Law Group we know what effect these losses can have on the families of the victims and how hard it can be to face life without their loved ones. Our attorneys also know how to protect the rights of their clients and the steps that must be taken to pursue claims and compensation on their behalf.

Of course, no amount of money can equal the loss of a loved one, but an award of compensation for claims of wrongful death can cover medical bills, burial expenses, loss of benefits, debts they may have left behind and provide needed financial support to their survivors in the event of loss.

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