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Catastrophic Injuries: Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Accidents and injuries are common, to workers, to visitors, to passersby and to their property. Construction sites contain heavy machinery, high voltage electric lines and many sharp and heavy objects.

Construction Site Injuries

Accidents related to construction sites can be very serious and can cause severe, lifelong injuries and death. Medical bills can be very high, particularly for disabling injuries.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury related to a construction site, you may have rights that need to be protected and you may be entitled to compensation. A judgment or settlement can never replace a loved one, loss of a limb or compensate a permanent disability but it can pay medical expenses, replace lost wages and improve the quality of life following a serious injury.

Ramin Azadegan has created an experienced, winning group of successful trial lawyers to provide the best possible representation to victims of injuries. Each of these attorneys has represented clients in many kinds of injury cases and fought hard to win millions of dollars for their clients.

The law limits the amount of time you have to pursue a claim for your injuries and protect your rights. As time passes, evidence may become lost or destroyed and witnesses' memories become dimmer. Don't wait too long to find out what your rights are and lose your opportunity to seek compensation for your injuries.

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