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Business Litigation: Partnership Disputes

Unless they are properly strategized, disputes between and among partnership/corporation/limited liability’s principals can be emotional, strenuous and expensive.

Partnership Disputes/Receivership

Regardless of how many pages of written agreements have been signed by and among the principals of a business entity, a dispute among them may be unavoidable. When any such disputes arise, collecting useful evidence may be the key to winning or losing a case.

In these cases, we immediately investigate the facts, gather evidence and pertinent documents in the beginning of the case. Based on the evidence and our legal research, we plan our client’s course of action. Any delay in investigating or collecting evidence may be fatal to one’s case.

We have successfully represented many shareholders, members, directors and officers of entities in disputes with other owners or officers. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve these kinds of disputes as early as possible, so that the businesses do not suffer irreversible damage. If we are not successful in early resolutions, many times we have implemented aggressive litigation strategy, and secured a receiver to take over the businesses so the wrongdoer will be stopped from looting the company.

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