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Business Litigation: Loan / Usury

If you collect more than the maximum interest allowed by law, you may not be entitled to any interest at all, and sometimes, you are subject to serious penalties.


California’s Constitution limits the interest you may charge when lending money. If the interest you charge is higher than the maximum amount, you may forever lose your right to collect interest on the loan, or may even have to pay penalty.

If you have already lent money and have charged and/or received excessive interest from the borrower, we will research and investigate to determine if you are entittled to any exemption under the law. If you are not, we will take actions necessary to help you correct the problem and avoid any penalties. However, it is important that you act fast by seeking help early, otherwise you may forever lose your chance to fix the problem.

We have helped many lenders to loan money and avoid the pitfalls of usury law. On other occasions, we have successfully assisted many lenders cure usurious loan issues even though they had already billed and collected usurious interests from borrowers.

If you are planning to loan money, make sure that you structure your loan so that you are not subject to any limitation or penalty.

If you have any questions about California’s usury law, loans, or promissory notes, or if you need help preparing or reviewing loan documents, please call us.

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