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Business Litigation: Collection/Attachment

In every dispute, a well thought out strategy may force a speedier and more economical settlement. Our attorneys have many strategic options at their disposal to make sure that you are able to collect the funds that you are owed.


In many cases, the simplest and fastest way to resolve a conflict over money owed is with a simple judicial proceeding: the writ of attachment.

In a fast proceeding, based on your written agreements, our attorneys will help you get a court order that entitles you to have the Sheriff take or remove the defendant’s assets, including income and inventory. Many times, this remedy will force the opposition into a quick resolution of the dispute.

While not every case is right for an attachment, disputes over clear monetary amounts owed that are in excess of $500 frequently are ripe for that option. A consultation with one of our experienced business litigators will help you find out; regardless, you can be sure that your case will either settle rapidly or our lawyers will litigate the matter aggressively to its conclusion.

We have successfully obtained writs of attachments in many collection actions, including:

  • $1.8 Million against a borrower,
  • $550,000 against a buyer of clothing accessories, and
  • $500,000 against another borrower.
If someone owes you money, attaching their assets before trial may be the most effective way to resolve your dispute.

All of these cases were either immediately settled or were reduced to successful judgments. If someone owes you money, call us to determine your rights and remedies.

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