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Business Litigation: Protecting Your Investment

Business matters can be complex and even the best working relationship may develop difficulties. When difficulties and disagreements arise in the course of business and cannot be resolved by discussion, litigation may be a necessary step.

Beverly Hills attorney Ramin Azadegan understands every nuance of business dispute. He has himself been the owner of several successful businesses, and has experienced every level and phase of running a business, from the top down and the bottom up. Mr. Azadegan believes that being an experienced businessman, entrepreneur and real estate developer makes him a more effective business and real estate lawyer.

A trial attorney for more than 26 years, Mr. Azadegan has won millions of dollars for his clients while protecting their assets from others. Among many victories, Mr. Azadegan obtained a writ of attachment against a debtor in the amount of $1,700,000 forcing him to immediately pay off his entire debt, won by motions (before even getting to trial) defense judgment in favor of his client who were sued for $2,080,000 plus interest, punitive damage and attorney's fees.

When Mr. Azadegan and his firm take on a case, they work tirelessly to obtain an excellent result for the client. If you are experiencing legal problems with your business, you owe it to yourself to contact our office.

Ramin's business expertise is phenomenal. He recognizes the issues and understands the facts with minimal explanation." - M.Z. (Import/Export Business)

Our team of business law experts and seasoned litigators can handle any corporate or business matter our clients may need assistance with.

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