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Attorney Referrals: Let Us Try Your Case

A large percentage of our cases are referred to us by other lawyers who know that our excellent group of trial lawyers will take on cases even if they are difficult.  Our goal is to maximize recovery, for you and for your client.

Trial lawyer Ramin Azadegan has assembled a group of superb trial lawyers with one goal in mind: taking on and winning difficult cases.

We pay referral fees for cases. When we take them on, we take them on to win.

We'd like an opportunity to meet with you and your client to discuss your case. Let us show you the advantages that you will have when working with us, including how you can improve your chances of getting a higher settlement or a maximum verdict

In litigation, it’s about having the winning team

With years of experience as a litigator and trial attorney, Ramin Azadegan understands all too well the rigors of obtaining an excellent verdict for a client who has suffered a serious life-changing injury, or faces the prospect of crippling business losses. Defense firms for large corporations and insurance companies are large, and their litigation is often well-funded. This can place crippling demands on the small law firm or solo practitioner who is working on a complex case.

But excellent results can be achieved, even in complex or difficult cases. And large settlements and verdicts are much more likely to happen when you have the right team and the right resources at your disposal.

With that in mind, Mr. Azadegan has assembled a group of attorneys who are specialists in developing and trying cases involving life-changing injuries, crippling loss, or difficult and complex issues. Each of the attorneys has a

proven and exemplary track-record, winning case after case for clients against strong or difficult opposition.

If you need help and back-up to give your client the service that he or she deserves, this is the lawfirm you will want to call.

Our Strategic Alliance can give your client the winning edge

When Ramin Azadegan asked himself who he would most want to have at his side while working on a large or demanding case, he looked for litigators and trial lawyers with experience, knowledge and results. Each of the attornies in the Azadegan Strategic Alliance is not simply a graduate of the rigorous Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College: all of them have worked as instructors in that program, helping to train other attorneys in their winning methods. They have worked together on cases, and they have worked with hundreds of other attorneys on cases. They understand that an excellent team is the key to getting a great result.

What sets these lawyers apart from hundreds of others? Winning. And by “winning,” we mean winning large verdicts and settlements in difficult and demanding cases.

Meet the Trial Lawyers

Ramin Azadegan »

  • Trial Lawyer since 1987
  • Graduate of Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College
  • Successful outcomes in more than 70 trials and arbitrations
  • Obtained a dismissal of a $27.5 brought by a public company
  • Obtained a judgment for $8,500,000 in favor of his client, a real estate investor, while defeating a $5,500,000 cross-complaint against the client *
  • Emphasis: High-stakes litigation cases for businesses and developers

John L. Wollman »

  • Litigator since 1998
  • Obtained $6.8 Million summary judgement for client
  • Obtained defense judgement for client on a $2.8 Million claim
  • Emphasis: Real estate and business litigation

What can our team do for you and your client?

The secret to winning large verdicts lies in developing and communicating your client’s story. With experienced trial lawyers helping your client, you can be sure that your client’s story will be told, and a truly just verdict will be rendered.

Our team can handle any or all of your case, from investigation and discovery through negotiation, and settlement or trial.

We can help with:

  • Litigation
  • Depositions
  • Interview witnesses
  • Court appearances
  • Written discovery
  • Pre-trial motion practice
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Prepare Case for Trial
  • Defining case strategies
  • Mock trials
  • Focus groups
  • Trial
  • Voir Dire
  • Opening Statement
  • Examination
  • Cross-Examination
  • Closing Statement
* Reversed based on new law

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