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The Azadegan Law Group has been serving clients' legal needs for more than 26 years.
Our philosophy of law is simple: we believe that a better thinker is a better lawyer.

A strategic alliance dedicated to winning

Principal strategist and thinker Ramin Azadegan and his firm have aligned with other seasoned litigators -- Alejandro Blanco and Finlay Boag -- all with years of experience running their own firms and winning multi-million dollar verdicts, judgments and settlements for their clients. This strategic alliance allows the Azadegan Law Group to provide the best possible representation to clients requiring the services of an unparalleled trial team.

* The attorneys who have been designated as “of counsel” are not associates, partners, or shareholders of the Azadegan Law Group, A Professional Corporation (the “Firm”). They are each practicing attorneys that have agreed to work on very specific cases designated by the Firm, although they have “close, personal, continuous and regular relationship” with our firm. For more information, see our Disclosures.

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